Tuition Fees 

There is a non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot ($25 per student / $40 per family).  


Rates are: $138 per month (45 minute lessons), $184 per month (60 minute lessons), $230 per month (75 minute lessons). 30 minute lessons may be arranged for first year, beginner students ($92 per month)  


Payment is by bank e-transfers only by the first of each month (Sept. 1/20 - June 1/21). *Payments received later than the 1st of each month will be charged a 2% late fee.  Receipts are issued.


Students commit themselves to a full year of lessons. (September 2020 to June 2021). Should extenuating circumstances require discontinuation of lessons, one month's written notice must be given, or in lieu of notice, one month's fees plus any credited amounts, must be paid.


Other Fees


Music Books and Supplies:  Anything supplied by the teacher must be promptly repaid. Individual pieces or songs cost an average of $7.50 each. Costs for music books and materials vary and may include shipping & handling.


Accompanist (Voice):  Students are provided accompaniment at Birdsong Studio recitals free of charge. The teacher charges $30 per song to accompany for non-studio events (eg. festival, exams, etc.)


Rotary Music Festival or Royal Conservatory of Music Exam fees: You are responsible to submit these applications, by the appropriate deadlines, based on information supplied by the teacher.



We follow the school calendar for Christmas / Easter holidays. There are lessons during February reading week. Monday students have lessons on Statutory Holidays. Any other calendar changes will be communicated in advance.  

Studio Recitals

The two studio recitals for the year occur in January and June.  These are an integral part of your music studies.  Please mark them on your calendar.  It is expected that students will attend and participate.

Missed Lessons / Illness / Covid-19

Fees are not refunded for missed lessons. Your fees pay for your lesson spot for the year whether you attend or not. The teacher is not obliged to make up missed lessons.  Our preference is in-person lessons at the studio however, we are also set up for online Zoom lessons.  

Every effort is made to ensure a clean and safe studio environment.  If you, or anyone in your household is ill (cold or flu, diarrhea or vomiting, fever, contagious conditions like pink eye / strep throat) or you feel unwell, please do not come for your lesson at the studio.  We will have your lesson online instead.  Please give the teacher advance notice by noon of lesson day, in order to adequately prepare.  You will be notified if the teacher is ill - your lesson will either be online or you will be credited for it. In this season of Covid-19 concerns, we may also need to temporarily move to online lessons if government restrictions are put in place.


A Final Note

Success depends on communication and mutual cooperation between parents, students and teacher. Sign into your student portal weekly at to access important ongoing information. Check your emails and texts regularly for studio updates. If there are questions or concerns, please contact the teacher to respectfully discuss them.